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Communication parameters

Communication port: TS -232 serial interface standard
Baud Rate: 9600
The parity bit: None
Data bits: 8bit
Stop bits: 1bit
Without handshake signals
Power supply
Powered by host’s DC 5 V


Display characteristics

Display: VFD tube display, the character color is blue-green
Display the number of characters: 2 lines x 20 characters per line, a total of 40 characters, 5 x 7 pixel
Character size: 11(H) x 7(W) mm
MTBF:25,000 hours


Dimensions and wight

Display Panel Size:80(H) x 225(W) x 37(L)mm
Height:pole: 480 mm (with stand)
Short Game: 225 mm (with stand)
Stand size:185(L) x 95(w) x 25(H) mm
Bottom adjustable angle:45°,can be adjusted up and down all around, providing a comfortable viewing angle

Gross weight: 1.2 kg (with packing)




Operating temperature :-20~70℃
Storage temperature :-40~80℃
Operating Humidity :10~85℃
Storage Humidity:10~90℃
Instruction characteristics
international ESC / POS standard common command set



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