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mail     |     Q: Are you a manufacturer or a intermediaries?

sousuo     |     A: We have been loyal to the role of manufacturer since 2009.

mail     |     Q: How can you ensure your goods quality?

sousuo     |     A: We strictly control every detail of production and do simulated test 

with every product.

mail     |     Q: How can I order a sample of your product?

sousuo     |     A: You can contact our sales staff about the price and other information.

mail     |     Q: How is your product price confirmed?

sousuo     |      A: It is based on the market and material. As a rich experience manufacturer, 

we promise to offer a reasonable price and use the brand new material.

mail     |     Q: If there’s a problem with the products, how will you support


sousuo     |     A: We have a detailed management of after sales service, offer the best

solution for our consumers. Besides, we have three-year warranty for

our products. (Except 1 year for the LCD panel) .

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