21.5 Inch True Flat Touch Signage




हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस


TouchDisplays multifunctional Touch Interactive Digital Signage delivers a powerful Windows-based or Android-based platform. With customized thickness it provides a commercial grade product. Projected multi touch and VESA mount make it meet multi purpose, tempered glass designed to withstand extreme operating environment.


TouchDisplays interactive signage featured with its multipurpose ability. We do customized kiosks built in or customized thickness to fit your kiosks. With a compatible VESA holes, it’s also able to be wall mounted or floor-stand with a bracket. Benefit from its optional high brightness and true viewing angle, our digital signage is sunlight readable.





Extremely powerful and low consumption fanless processors;

Flexible CPU options for different Android versions;

Wide range from Intel j1800 to i7 latest 7th generation for windows.

2151E Touch All In One PC runs critical applications fast, helps you serve your customers even faster.

Fanless processor thus low consumption and a noiseless surrounding.

true flat touch all in one pc (5)


Offered multiple interfaces: HDMI/VGA, USB, Rj45, Mic and others, installation of video input and output is quick and easy. The powered USB is available for more peripheral connections.



Beyond the powerful PACP multi touch screen display, multiple peripherals are available to meet all kinds of applications, including near-field communication (NFC/RFID), mag strip reader (MSR) thermal printers and others. Built-in WiFi and bluetooth make it able to be connected anytime and anywhere.


true flat touch all in one pc (8)

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    मामला / bezel रंग


    प्रदर्शन आकार

    21.5 "

    टच प्यानल

    Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

    स्पर्श अंक


    टच प्रतिक्रिया समय


    TouchAIO Dimensions

    524 x 46 x 315.5 mm

    एलसीडी प्रकार

    TFT एलसीडी (एलईडी backlight)

    उपयोगी पर्दा क्षेत्र

    477.8 mm x 269.3 mm

    आकार अनुपात

    16: 9

    इष्टतम (देशी) संकल्प

    1920 * 1080

    एलसीडी प्यानल पिक्सेल पिच

    0.1875 x 0.1875 mm

    एलसीडी प्यानल रंग

    16.7 लाख

    एलसीडी प्यानल चमक

    250 सीडी / m2

    एलसीडी प्यानल प्रतिक्रिया समय

    16 ms

    हेर्दै कोण

    (विशिष्ट, केन्द्र बाट)


    ±89° or 178° total (left/right)


    ±89° or 178° total (up/down)

    यसको विपरीत अनुपात

    3000: 1

    उत्पादन भिडियो संकेत कनेक्टर

    मिनी डी-उप 15-पिन वीजीए प्रकार र HDMI प्रकार


    usb 2.0*4(usb 3.0*2 optional)PCI-E(4G SIM card, wifi and Bluetooth optional)


    विद्युत आपूर्ति प्रकार

    Monitor input interface: +12VDC ±5%,6.0 A; DC Jack (2.5¢ )

    एसी डीसी शक्ति ईटा इनपुट: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 हर्ट्ज

    Power Consumption: 50W


    (एम्बेड कम्प्यूटर मड्यूल)

    ECM3:  इंटेल प्रोसेसर J1900 (क्वाड-कोर 2.0GHz / 2.4GHz, पंखा बिनाको)

    ECM4:  इंटेल प्रोसेसर i3-4010U (दोहोरो कोर 1.7GHz, पंखा बिनाको)

    ECM5:  Intel processor i5-4200U (Dual Core 1.6GHz/2.6GHz Turbo, Fanless)

    ECM6:  Intel processor i7-4500U (Dual Core 1.8GHz/3GHz Turbo, Fanless)

    SATA3: HDD 500G(up to 1TB optional) or SDD 32G(up to 128G optional)

    Memory:  DDR3 4G (16G वैकल्पिक सम्म विस्तार)

    सीपीयू अपग्रेड: J3160 र I3-i7 श्रृंखला 5 औं  6 औं  7 औं  वैकल्पिक

    सञ्चालन प्रणाली: Win7Pos Ready7Win8XPWinCEVistaLinux

    ECM9:  Cortex-A53 8Core 1.5GHz; GPU : PowerVR G6110

    रोमी :1G(up to 2G4G optional);फ्लैश : 8G (अप वैकल्पिक 32G गर्न)

    Operation System: 5.1 or 6.0


    अपरेटिङ: 0 ° C 40 ° C गर्न; भण्डारण 60 ° C गर्न ° C -20

    चिस्यान (गैर-संघनक)

    अपरेटिङ: 20% -80%; भण्डारण: 10% -90%

    ढुवानी दफ्ती आयाम

    620 x 206 x 456 mm (2 PCS)

    वजन (लगभग।)

    Product Actual: 5.1 kg(1 Piece) ;Shipping: 13.2 kg( 2 PCS)

    वारेन्टी मनिटर

    3 वर्ष (लागि बाहेक एलसीडी प्यानल 1 वर्ष)

    खुलासा दीपक जीवन: आधा चमक गर्न विशिष्ट 50,000 घण्टा

    एजेन्सी प्रमाणित

    CE/FCC/RoHS (UL or GS for Customized)

    विकल्प माउन्ट

    75 mm and 100 mm VESA mount

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